Wildangle 3.0 is launched

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The next update of wildangle is launched today that is a major update this time involving a change in the main menu and new features so putting our version to 3.0.


Wildangle now features portfolios and sub-sites for the most frequent contributors. Those members who have at least 40 posts on wildangle can have their own portfolios with our portfolio child theme and own short cuts. You are allowed to assemble your own portfolio from images that are already posted on wildangle and present them in a way you want. Every wildangle member is welcome to have their own portfolio once they reach 40 posts. You can access the portfolios by clicking on the “Photographers” link in our main menu (top right corner) however you can also access it with individual addresses. Based on our current post counts the following photographers start their portfolios: (in alphabetical order)

bacsa – also available at: wildangle.net/bacsa

Fekete Norbert – also available at: wildangle.net/feketenorbert

London Andras – also available at: wildangle.net/londonandras

London Gabor – also available at: wildangle.net/londongabor

Portfolios are empty now but fully functional and waiting for you to fill them with content. We also have a guide on how to use your portfolio, just visit your portfolio site while logged in and download our PDF manual at the footer. The most important rule is not to upload anything to the portfolio, use only images already uploaded!!! (We have server space restrictions, you know :) )

FancyBox Display for images

We say goodbye to our LightBox display that we have been using since version 2.0 and change for a more up-to-date and nicer form of display that also works with our portfolio. Enjoy the new features and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! It is always nice to share something new! :)

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